Savory Spiced Gift Basket

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Spicy selection of seasoned nuts and more
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Gifts Baskets
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Savory Spiced Gift Basket

Any spice-seeking, crunch-loving folks will be stoked to have this collection in their pantry for serving at holiday gatherings, or merely munching their own way to merriment. Refreshing cocktails entirely optional.

Because most people fall squarely in either the savory or sweet camp when it comes to their snack preferences, we've created a best-ever set to satisfy each craving. This savory selection is a round up of rave-worthy nibbles; think California pistachios, Oven-Roasted Nut Mix, and toasted corn nuts. If that wasn't enough, there's fiery favorites aplenty, including Cajun Hot Mix, Sriracha peanuts, not one but two wasabi-coated wonders and black truffle chips. And don't forget the quality wooden crate to hide all your little secets once you're done munching its content - All in all, it's a surefire gift for grown ups.

The gift basket ships in its closed version. Please see images for reference.

Products Include:

Cajun Hot Mix, Oven Roasted Nut Mix, Salted California Pistachios, Sriracha Peanuts, Toasted Corn Nuts, Wasabi Green Peas, Wasabi Peanuts and Black Truffle Chips. For ingredients please see individual product packaging.
Includes products made in USA, Spain and China

Warning: Contains tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, dairy and soy products. Contains shells and shell fragments. Packaged in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat and dairy products.

Nutrition Facts:

See individual product packaging for nutrition facts and additional product information.